About Us

Tim & Sarah-Jane Langlois

Tim has been shooting since he was 16 when he first discovered his passion for photography and followed it through to degree level. On returning to Guernsey he worked for an advertising agency, as well as creating Langlois Photography in his spare time. Since Langlois Photography started in 2002 he has moved from film to digital and developed in every style and is always looking for a new fresh approach. His passion has always been photographing people, young and old. Guernsey is the perfect backdrop for portraits and weddings and he loves finding new and exciting ways of making the island his studio. When he's not shooting, you can find Tim enjoying time with his children Zach & Evie, performing in local Musicals or running the streets.

Sarah-Jane Langlois

Sarah-Jane has been photographing since 2002 and provides a reportage style to a shoot. She has developed a passion for capturing the essence of an occasion, the moments that may otherwise go unseen. As people are often unaware of her working from a distance, she is able to capture expressions, emotions and situations in their most natural state. This creativity has spun off into the formation of Langlois Creative in 2009 which provides a unique selection of exclusive card designs. These can incorporate images taken by Langlois Photography to create personalized invitations and cards for any occasion. She has recently started digital scrapbooking and enjoys journaling family life through the lens.